The Son Not Called Erwan
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"Erwan est il marié? est ce que c'est quelqu'un de bien comme son frere Yoann? " I don't know him, I just know few tricks. :-) For associations, it was Breton associations. If YG has not made ​​public, it was probably agree with them ... So I just tell you it was especially donations. :-) Ella

It’s good to hear about the son’s good actions. I like it that he’s charitable but doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. Really charitable people do it because they want to, not to get attention out of it.

August 08th

posted Monday @ 6:09pm with 1 note

they boy can do well we like to hear good stories about him he can be good when he wants to Yoann Gourcuff ella anon
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